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[M] Gary
9 November 2005

GD Lightning Talk

GD is a powerful but lightweight graphics module, which is a Perl wrapper of libgd.  The Perl GD module is available here

The simplest result from GD is the plain white image...

use GD;

	my $banner;
	my $white;

	# Create a new image, 400 Pixels (px) wide by 66px tall, using truecolor
		# I will need truecolor later in this example.
	$banner = GD::Image->new(400, 66, 1);

	# Allocate a color to use in the image
	$white = $banner->colorAllocate(255,255,255);

	# White Background

	# Create result 1...
	open($fh, '>', "bn_1.png");
	print $fh $banner->png();

Result 1:
banner size rectangle, blank with white background