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[M] Gary
27 April 2018

Exif Module

Pure Perl (but 64 bit)

I was looking for something that could read a JPG from a camera and tell me the orientation.  I found a large number of modules, but they were all written in C, loaded with XS, and it seems that this is something that Perl could do without that. 

I also, specifically, wanted something that will not and cannot edit Exif data.  This module can't.  Yes, it would also be much more work to get it to write (and rewrite) Exif chunks properly, but I really don't want write capabilities (and others have already written those tools). 

Am I proud of the way this is written? No.

Do I think this is the best solution for anyone? Again, no.

As with all of the things here, I'm sharing this because it might teach someone something, or be a toy for someone, or maybe someone can't compile XS, and really needs this in their project.  Whatever it is, that brought you here, you can view or download this here:

    Gitlab Exif