15 Aug 2005

Not Oil Nor Rickshaw

Two stories, on the same day that are unrelated, or are they?

Oil dependancy has been an issue raised for so long most of us shrug it off.  Some people will say that Venesuela's threat is empty. However, when President Chavez says he has other places to send his oil, he's not kidding.  Now that China's 1.1 billion citizens are starting to buy cars, China has been buying oil. 

Well I don't shrug off the Oil problem easily...  I had a solution, straight from Calcutta.  Except, now, the best shining example of oil independance in the world has declared this mode of transport, the rickshaw, inhuman

So, now what? War in the Middle East... Threats from Venezuela.  If things go wrong, the only oil we have is from Canada, and the small amount of Oil that we still produce ourselves. 

Who's to say Canada won't have someplace better to send their oil, too?

Oh, well, I'm out of ideas, so I guess I'll just hope for the best, *shrugs*.

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