25 Januaray 2019
Updated: 9 February 2019

International Flag Colors

On 24 January 2019, I was watching a news story about Nigeria and there was a picture of the Nigerian flag (🇳🇬).  On the video, it looked like two different shades of green, and that seemed wrong (it was).  My search for the answer made me realize that there doesn't seem to be any one place where flag colors are collected.  Since I collect colors, I thought it might be nice to start a project to collect flag colors

25 January 2019 was the initial release, which included current countries A-F, plus Nigeria and the United Kingdom (as the Union Jack exists in other flags).  I plan to grow and improve these over time (maybe a long time). 


I'm using Wikipedia's Gallery of Sovereign State Flags article as a base.  Each flag links to an article about that flag.  In a case where the colors of the flag are noted as officially designated as Pantone, I have pulled the Pantone RGB color from Pantone's web site, and added that Pantone color separately as well.  To be clear, I only carry Pantone colors when those are an official color designation, according to Wikipedia.  Otherwise, in a case where the colors of the flag are noted in RGB (officially or unofficially) I use those.  For any where the RGB color is not noted, I pull them from the Wikipedia article image with a color-picker tool. 

Arbitrary Choices

Help Accepted Per License

Because I have derived this from Wikipedia Foundation work, I am leaving it under the same license: CC BY-SA.  If you choose to send me updates or corrections, please note that I will only accept changes for this color set under the same license.  Please acknowledge your license release if you send me e-mail (so I don't have to chase you for confirmation). 

RGB Style Color Source

Flags is the only color source that I have compiled myself, so it is the only color source that I am redistributing in a raw format (even before it is "finished").

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